Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturation, Saturation Everywhere

Back in the early 2000s, the world was experiencing an economic boom - just like it had been experiencing an economic boom for a majority of the 20th century. There was always a place which was growing economically: be it Europe, Japan and the US in the 20th Century - or the mammoth economies of India and China (along with South America) in the 21st century.

The corporate model of society is not a stable model. It works, nay, flourishes in economies which are growing, economies where tomorrow is expected to be significantly more prosperous than today. The model will function as long as there are poor people in the world who need up-lifting. A demonstration can be affected by considering India, US and Japan in the early 21st century. Japan and the US were not growing fast. A 3% growth is really high growth. But India grew at 8-9% consistently. In saturated economies like Europe, U.S. and Japan, a business can succeed only by "snatching the pie from another's hands". In growing economies like India, new pies are baked.

This growth of the Indian (and Chinese) economies continuted until (roughly) 2049. By 2049, India looked like a developed country - and so was china. One just could not distinguish between the developed and the developing world.

You would think that this was reason to celebrate. But it was not really reason to celebrate. The "engines of growth" had been shut off. Companies could not get richer by increasing demand. The Google model of business ( beat the hell out of your competition) was the only one that could work.

So, picture this. The year: 2050. Everyone is happy because they are well off. The world is as well off as the US was in 2006. But all is not hunky-dory in the world. Corparations are no longer making those astronomical profits that they were used to earlier. It was almost as if you were denying a cocaine addict the white stuff.

But avenues of development, there were none. The year is 2069 now, and the era of human development is over. Don't get me wrong: this is an era of unprecedented and incomparable prosperity in the world. But the world isn't stable. Because "status quo" is just not good enough for the investor.

So, when Dr. Dasch came up with Bovine intelligence therapy, corporations listened. The Pandora's box was thus opened. Little did anybody know.

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Need more in sight into bovine intelligence therapy.